It depends on the complexity of the design. If it is a simple design like a font, outline or any basic symbol, you can walk in during our business hours. However, for more significant tattoos, it is advisable to make a booking so that we can arrange an appropriate artist and appointment time for you. You can book your appointment via Instagram, email or by visiting our studio.

When making your booking, we need to know the specifics of your design, including a description and image reference, location on your body, and size measurements. Please provide us with your preferred tattoo date(s) and your availability.

To secure your booking, we require a deposit. We accept various methods of payment, including cash and Eftpos (all transactions calculated in IDR).

We offer free tattoo consultations with no appointment necessary. Feel free to stop by our studio at your convenience to discuss your tattoo.

We offer free pickup and drop off service from your hotel/accomodation.

  • Black work
  • Trad
  • Neo trad
  • Colour
  • Black / grey wash
  • Mandala
  • Geometric
  • Realism
  • Fine line
  • Semi realistic
  • Portrait

Our pricing starts at $120 AUD/ 1.2mil IDR

Gg. Kayu Manis II, Legian, Kec.
Kuta, Kabupaten Badung,
Bali 80361, Indonesia

10am – 9pm Everyday

The most commonly asked question regarding tattoos is whether it hurts. Surprisingly, this question is asked even more frequently than “How much will it cost?” The straightforward answer is “Yes.” The truth is, during the tattooing process, multiple needles pierce the skin thousands of times per minute. However, it’s essential to remember that many individuals get tattoos daily and survive the process. If the tattooing is executed accurately, the discomfort should feel more like a burning sensation. Additionally, the amount of pain can vary depending on the area of the body and even within small regions.

1. After your tattoo is complete and you are ready to leave we will wrap the area in cling wrap, you will need to keep this on for 1 hour
2. Wash your tattoo with clean hands and using bottled water. Do not use bar soap or any other soaps. If you wish to use any soap we advise only to use Flesh Foam from Numbskull which is available to purchase online or in the studio. This is a dedicated soap that is designed for tattoo hygiene 
3. Once clean pat dry with paper towel and discard once used
4. Apply a minimal very thin layer of tattoo aftercare 2 – 3 days after getting tattooed which is available to purchase in the studio. make sure not to smother your tattoo this can cause to blocked pores causing the skin to get irritated 
5. Repeat this process every day for the next 2 weeks morning and night after having a shower or anytime your tattoo was exposed to dirt, heavy sweating or any outside elements.
6. We know you’re in Bali but since you have a new tattoo there is NO SWIMMING AND NO SUN TANNING for 2 weeks or until the tattoo is completely healed. Do not soak your tattoo at all showering is fine, do not pick or scratch your tattoo when it starts to scab, let it settle down itself.
7. Follow these steps to ensure a maximum healing result do not follow what your brother, sister, mother, cousin, (insert name here) did on their tattoo, different artist, different applications, different rules.
8. Please contact Mystery Ink bali should you have any questions from here on out. Any deviance from this healing method would mean that if a touch up is needed on the tattoo that they will be at your own expense due to your own negligence. 
9. Enjoy your new piece of artwork we hope to see you again 

Certainly. However, the availability of your preferred artist may vary. Please note that not all artists are present every day, and we cannot guarantee that all clients can be accommodated on the same day. Our goal is to match you with the most suitable artist based on your desired design style.

Have you ever gotten a tattoo that you don’t like anymore? Maybe it reminds you of a bad memory, or it didn’t turn out how you wanted it to. We can help you fix it. Our artists have lots of experience fixing bad tattoos, covering them up with new designs, or touching them up to make them look better.

If you got your tattoo from us and it needs some touch-ups, our artists will do it for free for the first 12 months. We understand that tattoos can fade over time, even with proper care.

No matter what your situation is, we are here to help. Don’t be shy, come talk to us about how we can fix your tattoo.

Sure, we can help you with your tattoo design! Our artists use different techniques to create your tattoo design, such as drawing it freehand or designing it on a computer or tablet. You can even bring in an image you like, and we can transform it into something you’ll love. Our artists will work on the design on the day of your appointment, so you can talk to them directly about the design and make any changes you want. We guarantee to take your tattoo design from good to great!

Terms and conditions

Price agreement

We will do our best to give you the most accurate quote possible based of the information we receive from you. In some case we will give you an exact price, in other cases we will give you a price range.
We promise you the original price or price range we quoted online will remain exactly the same if we do the tattoo exactly as discussed. If the tattoo changes in size or design upon consultation we will adjust the price accordingly. If it becomes smaller or less complex we will make it cheaper for you, if the design is bigger or more complex the price may increase.
In the situation we have quoted for ‘average size person’ and you are actually much smaller or larger than average we will also adjust the price accordingly once we can see you in person for consultation.
All tattoo designs and prices are assessed for changes to original agreement and will be confirmed with you prior to starting the tattoo.


In order to make a booking we require a deposit to lock in your booking slot:
Tattoos ranging from 1.2 – 1.8 million IDR require a 500k IDR deposit
Tattoos ranging from 1.9 – 3 million IDR require a 1 million IDR deposit
All tattoos above 3 million IDR require a 2 million IDR deposit per days booking
If you book multiple days we request 2 million IDR per day which will be held to lock each days booking in separately.
For pre-design tattoos we ask for a 50% deposit of the total tattoo price to create the design before in-person consultation. (see Pre-Design T&C for more details)

Pay as you go

For multi-day bookings we require the payments to be ahead of the tattoo progress each day, so that at no stage have we done more work than you have paid for.
This is mitigated by full payment at the end of the first day or with daily progress payments.
Progress payments are calculated by dividing the total price by the amount of days minus one days deposit (2 million IDR), not the total deposit.
If you choose to pay your balance with bank transfer you risk the payment being delayed in some cases. International transfers cannot be accepted for balance payments on the day of your tattoo as this comes with multi-day delay. Some Australian bank transfers have a 24 hour hold delay, if you think this may happen we ask you to choose another payment option or pay your balance 24 hours before it is due. If the payment is delayed once you have completed the tattoo we will require you to pay through another payment method. We can refund you later once the funds have arrived.


A pre-design is a design requested by the client to be completed before the booking date.
We prefer not to create designs prior to an in-person artist-client consultation. There is very good reason for this, is that online communication is not ideal and can cause problems and delays with the design process. Also we find that some clients change their mind about the design by the time the actually arrive for the booking date.
For pre-design tattoos we ask for a 50% deposit to start the design process.

In order successfully create a pre-design we require a clear description of all necessary details:

  • Location / Placement
  • Size
  • Black and grey or colour specifications
  • Design references
  • Design description
  • Design style
  • And any other important information the artist will require

We are happy to make revisions to get it just right for you, however we cannot change the design entirely if you change your mind, in this case we would need to start again and charge you for the artists time so far with the design.
So we ask that if you want to proceed with a pre-design please be sure about your concepts before making the commitment.

Cancellation policy

Please note your deposit is not refundable. This is because in most cases we have already spent a lot of time with online consultation, artist allocation and preparing your design. However, we are able to hold your deposits for another date which works better for you anytime in the future. Your deposit will remain ‘on hold’.
If you start your tattoo but cannot finish it on time because you needed too many breaks or asked to stop completely because you couldn’t handle it. We will still need to charge you for the original tattoo price, we can then reschedule for another date at your convenience for no extra charge. So please be sure you can handle the amount of tattoo you book in. The reason for this is that at this stage we have already completed your design and allocated the booking slot just for you.

What our clients have to say