Highest standards of hygiene and sterility

Medical grade hygiene

At Mystery Ink, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the highest standards of hygiene and sterility control. We understand the crucial role that medical-grade hygiene equipment and practices play in the safe and successful tattooing process.

Our hygiene protocol

Safety and peace of mind

To ensure the absolute sterility of our working environment, we have implemented rigorous protocols that meet or exceed the standards of any reputable tattoo studio in Australia. Our medical-grade sterilizing equipment, coupled with single-use, disposable needles that are opened in front of you, guarantees your safety and peace of mind.

Additionally, all surfaces that come into contact with both the customer and the tattoo artist are meticulously wrapped in fresh cling wrap for every tattoo session to prevent cross-contamination.

We take hygiene and sterility extremely seriously, and you should too. In Bali, it’s not uncommon to find tattoo studios that cut corners to make cheaper tattoos, putting your health at risk. At Mystery Ink, we spare no expense when it comes to professional hygiene and a sterile environment, ensuring your tattoo heals perfectly with no health repercussions.

Premium inks and needles

No risk of compromised quality

All of our inks and needles are of the highest quality available. We do not use any cheap knock-offs from Asia. Our inks are imported from the USA through reputable Australian businesses and are then brought to Bali. This ensures that there is no risk of compromised quality.

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